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4D (AR) Chalk Art Emerging Technologies for Virtual / Live (Hybrid) Corporate Event & Tradeshow 3D Street Painting  Uses and Applications:

Event Marketing
Product Launches
Product Rebranding
Sports Marketing
Cinema & Entertainment
Corporate Team Building 
Private Events
Meetings & Conferences

4D (AR) (VR) Virtual Events and Video tailored for 'Blended' street painting programs in hybrid events
Interactive Animation Design
Massive Projection
Augmented Reality (AR)
Virtual Reality (VR) 360
(AR) (VR) Video Production
(AR) App Development and Consulting
Virtual Space Development
'Blended Reality' for live/virtual events and trade shows
Art for After Hours brings blended 4D (AR) (VR) chalk art for our clientele with interests in 3D chalk art integrated with 4D, animation, augmented reality (AR)*, Virtual Reality (VR),mixed reality (MR) and social media together with our traditional chalk media to create experiences as opposed to chalk art alone. We will be pleased to discuss concepts for experiential 4D chalk art/technology experiences with interested, committed clientele looking for a new visionary way to reach users with emotional engagement and with an artistic authenticity.  Our 4D street art installations can be done live or in our studio for delivery to your project site(s) and location(s).

Email 4dstreetart@artforafterhours.com for more information with our presentations and our new offerings.
Serious Inquiries Only.

Please have your desired brief, budgeting, and schedule ready with 4D inquiry.  Due to our many inquiries we cannot respond to those without this initial information.

For specialized conceptual projects combining 4D (AR) (VR) chalk art and emerging technologies visit the boutique site of Anthony Cappetto.  


Blended 3D 4D (AR) Chalk Art - Mingling 3D 4D Chalk Art, Animation, Augmented, and Virtual Reality for Live, Interactive, Hybrid Experiential Events, Launches, Campaigns and Festivals with our NYC based team - "4D Street Art is the New 3D..." #4DisTheNew3D

4D Combined Display of Outdoor 3D Street Murals,  3D 4D (AR) Chalk Art and Augmented Reality (AR) in an International Exhibition by Art for After Hours in Mumbai, India
Artist  Anthony Cappetto from Art for After Hours designed and executed an integrated project using a 3D  4D (AR) chalk art design with animated augmented reality (AR) for the Techfest 2012 event in Mumbai, India, drawing over 80,000 attendees in a three day time frame from January 6th through January 8th, 2012.

This was the first time that 3D street painting using animated augmented reality had ever been brought to India and we were very happy to share our art with the huge amounts of students eager to see the blending of traditional art and emerging technologies.
Left: International 3D 4D (AR) chalk artist Anthony Cappetto with a group of IIT Bombay students 'chasing' the IIT Bombay Mascot over Cappetto's 'Cityscape', the first 3D chalk art with animated 4D augmented reality (AR) ever done in India and the second such project undertaken anywhere. During the event, thousands of students surrounded our AR station to see the animated effects live and virtually nonstop for the three days of the festival.

Art for After Hours took a series of pictures several hundred students during this time now available for viewing and sharing via social media on the Art for After Hours: Professional Street Painting Services Facebook Page.

Right: Students viewing the 3D 4D (AR) street painting 'Cityscape', by Anthony Cappetto.  Reverse view shown. 
Video: International 3D 4D (AR) Chalk artist Anthony Cappetto led an Art for After Hours team (Shawn McCann, Wendy Stum) in the first public exhibition of 3D  chalk art and augmented reality (AR) blended together anywhere in the world at the Sarasota Chalk Festival in Sarasota, FL.  The 3D/AR chalk artwork, 'Visions of Cambodia' measured 30 by 40 feet in size and took the team approximately 150 hours to create onsite and several weeks of coordination for the successful combination of the 3D chalk design and the AR effects.  Special thanks to our friends at Daqri for the AR assistance, making our concept work so well.

4D First Display of 3D 4D (AR) Chalk Art and Augmented Reality (AR) in an International Exhibition by Art for After Hours (2011) - Sarasota, FL
Left: Anthony Cappetto is positioned on the lower left ledge reaching for 4D (AR) generated butterflies and a hummingbird inspired by chalk drawings made by Anthony alllowing the 3D computer model chalk illusions to 'come alive', differing from any other 3D chalk art concepts in the marketplace today.  Art for After Hours looks forward to pushing the envelope even further with our art and technology mix.  Feel free to contact us at arstreetart@artforafterhours.com for a presentation per our statement above.  

Serious Inquiries Only.
Please have your desired brief, budgeting, and schedule ready with 4D inquiry.
Imagine your projects mingling the traditional 400 year old art form of chalk art, animated characters in an interactive, virtual environment via augmented reality and in 360 virtual reality... Vertical panels, multiple characters, dramatic 3D chalk art scenery and more from internationally recognized 3D 4D (AR) chalk artist Anthony Cappetto.

Cappetto (at right) with Art for After Hours 4D Team interacting with AR Chinese style bowls within live chalk art 'Asian Fusion' at event in Greenville SC.
4D or emerging technologies encompass use of virtual wearables such as headsets, glasses to view augmented or holographics as a designed part of the 3D anamorphic installations Anthony Cappetto and Art for After Hours have brought to our clients worldwide for more than a decade.  Please note that 4D means use of emerging technology and not just connected 3D vertical/ground panels alone. 

Our projects especially at the corporate/branding level are always client specific, designed closely with what our client imagines and we deliver to realize that vision with the artistic and 3D anamorphic signature of Founder and primary artist Anthony Cappetto, assistants as needed under his supervision and our New York based tech team for one cohesive 4D activation. Due to the budgets and logistics required for optimum activations we ask that responses are serious inquiries with preliminary budgeting in place, dates, locations, markets, established for activations prior to proposals. Art for After Hours can make our 4D happen in one or multiple locations which can make 4D activations reasonably more cost effective for you.
4D emerging technologies can be seamlessly integrated into Art for After Hours 3D Immersive Environments with multiple combinations of vertical, ground panels designed fully with art, products, imagery for a total art experience in your corporate/branding/tradeshow messages all using traditionally hand drawn designed 3D anamorphic art by Anthony Cappetto and his art and technology team.

Again please take note that 4D is not the 3D panels alone.  4D is a terminology indicating the use of an emerging technology such as virtual, augmented, mixed, etc.  Imagine concepts and contact us as arstreetart@artforafterhours for next steps. 
Examples of 3D Immersive Environments (pre 4D):  Booth Installation at the Big 5 Construction Tradeshow in Dubai, UAE for a client who wanted two separate 3D anamorphic designs yet integrated as one complete illusion.  Working closely with client and clients booth consultant - Anthony Cappetto and Art for After Hours designed an asymmetrical 3D anamorphic design fitting with the built booth, lining up with the tunnel background and connecting to the exterior entry 3D via the painted yellow plank in which the attendee is overlooking the construction pit. 

Our increasing capabilities include not only design of multiple 3D panels/surfaces beyond these but massively large scale 4D solutions horizontally and vertically with our art and technology teams at Art for After Hours.
Examples of 3D Immersive Environments (pre 4D):  'Life Flow', a 3D immersive design placing attendees at a cardiovascular conference in San Francisco, California with a human artery as entertainment for the surgeons to take their minds off of the very serious issues of their expert fields and information during the event for awhile.

Here too, our increasing capabilities include not only design of multiple 3D panels/surfaces beyond these but massively large scale 4D solutions horizontally and vertically with our art and technology teams at Art for After Hours.  Virtual reality, holography and more will take our upcoming projects in medical, sciences, and conceptual innovations to levels unseen until now.
4D  'Mark Conference' at Rutgers University
Using Augmented and 360 Virtual Reality; Lecture/Discussion on 3D Immersive Art with 4D Emerging Technologies (2016)
Our 4D Emerging Technologies work as part of the Mark Conference, a leadership event for students at Rutgers was the site for our 3D immersive installation blended with augmented and virtual 360 reality.  Images below are seen through applications ranging from AR shooting stars across the 3D art to an AR mountain toggling to a full VR 360 environment.
Our 4D Emerging Technologies in action viewing VR effects while showing the 3D immersive interaction in the images below...
4D Immersive Public Art Installation - 'Hangin' On' using Augmented Reality at Chalk Festival, Venice, Florida (November 2016)

Reach out to us with your projects in 4D Virtual/Augmented/Mixed Reality with 3D Artwork for the Immersive Experience:
Emerging technologies such as virtual, augmented, and mixed reality are becoming a part of 3D street art. As the first adopters of virtual spaces and augmented reality in 3D chalk and street art Anthony Cappetto's vision is always innovative and new. Talk to us at 4dstreetart@artforafterhours.com. Consider your initiative with our 3D art and 4D technology team with the entire 3D 4D capacity under one tent - ours. Full programs using AR, VR, murals, and the very latest in emerging technologies for corporate, exhibitions, multi-city, country deployments.

​Serious Inquiries Only.
Please have your desired brief, budgeting, and schedule ready with 4D inquiry.

4D Installations using Augmented, Virtual Reality by Anthony Cappetto/Art for After Hours
'Asian Fusion' - Our latest 4D Immersive Environment using our traditional 3D chalk illusion together with augmented and virtual reality as one integrated concept. Screenshots live onsite of AR model of a Chinese bowl (before final positions in chalk art) positioned within the physical chalk art, AR with human, chalk interaction as viewed through VR goggles. Pictured: Art for After Hours Marketing Director Wendy Stum.
4D Immersive Environment: 'Asian Fusion' Virtual Reality 360 Degree Demo 

'Asian Fusion' - Our latest 4D Immersive Environment VR walkthrough of the piece in a purposely oversized, playful, conceptual take that our viewers were able to walk on plates of dumplings, view dramatic landscapes, and see the chalk drawn art of Anthony Cappetto on the deconstructed bowl as planes in the VR walkthrough...  Working closely with our NYC based technology team, Cappetto can blend physical and virtual art together in a hybrid way no others are doing at this point in time.
ART for AFTER HOURS 4D: Virtual/Augmented/Mixed Reality with 
Immersive 4D 3D Chalk Art/Emerging Technologies|Murals|Events 
Pictured:  Art for After Hours 4D/AR Public Street Art Installation in Venice, Florida (November 2016)
4D Immersive Installation - 'Asian Fusion' using Augmented and Virtual Reality at Artisphere International Arts Festival in Greenville, SC (2016)