Street Painting Exhibitions & Festival Consulting/Featured Artist Procurement

If you are seeking to have professional street painting artists on hand to create a positive, engaging experience to enhance your existing arts event, Art for After Hours can work closely with you to provide street painting artists and personnel to respond to the public's interest in the live street painting art form.  The 3D 4D street painting art experience is a popular crowd pleaser and source for media attention, as well as the traditional 2-D reproductions of famous and well known art works from history.  Our 3D 4D street art installations can be done live or in our studio for delivery to your project site(s) and location(s).
  All copyrights and images, including photos and video, belong to our respective artists and/or Art For After Hours and may not be used  in any manner without written permission by Art for After Hours, 2001-2017.  All rights reserved.
Street Painting Festival Consulting Services

Art for After Hours is uniquely qualified to provide newly developing street painting festivals with the proper consultation and advice to create successful, attractive, and positive street painting events or to existing arts festivals interested in creating a street painting component to their current festivals.  Using our approach of performance, blending, and sharing – an Art for After Hours consulting experience will be one that can be as cutting edge or simply traditional as you would like your festival experience to be.
Art for After Hours, through our experience in providing professional street painting talent for corporate events, public and private, in the USA and abroad, can address, and suggest plans of implementation for assisting the client in their street painting festival planning and development, including workshops to teach the basics of street painting to all ages and levels of experience.

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Anthony Cappetto poses with his 3D street painting in Greenville, SC - 2010.  This street painting, Waterfall, took 3 days to complete for the  public exhibition.  Size 10' x 14', chalk pastel on concrete. Original design by Anthony Cappetto. 
Anthony Cappetto's 3D 'Ice Fountain' street painting was 8' x 18' in size and took four days to complete.  Anthony was the Special Guest at the Festival which featured many fine performers and entertainers with large, interested crowds averaging 40,000 people daily.
Halloween 2010: Florida, Oct 28th through 31st, 2010: The Art for After Hours team of Anthony Cappetto (lead), and Shawn McCann created a 20 x 40 foot, 3D anamorphic street painting in a four day period with a dramatic Halloween theme called 'Skull Duggery'.  No tricks, just treats for the viewers who got to see this being created live!
This 20' x 40' Halloween themed piece was a featured street painting at the festival and took about 100 hours of work total.  The Art for After Hours team of Anthony Cappetto (lead),  and Shawn McCann created this 3D anamorphic street painting in a four day period with a dramatic Halloween theme. The artists pose with the art work in progress.
Video:  Anthony Cappetto's 3D 'Ice Fountain' street painting for the Tempozan World Performance Festival in Japan - 2010.  The art was 8' x 18' in size and took four days to complete.  Anthony was the Special Guest at the Festival which featured many fine performers and entertainers with crowds averaging 40,000 people daily and thousands lining up to pose on the water spout!
Anthony Cappetto with his completed 3D street painting 'Cityscape', which took approximately 30 hours to complete for IIT Bombay in Mumbai, India. View the 4D robot mascot component on our 4D emerging technologies page
Family Centers Gala Benefit, Greenwich, CT
International 3D/AR Chalk artist Anthony Cappetto led an Art for After Hours team (Shawn McCann, Wendy Stum) in the first public exhibition of 3D  chalk art and augmented reality (AR) blended together anywhere in the world at the Sarasota Chalk Festival in Sarasota, FL.  The 3D/AR chalk artwork, 'Visions of Cambodia' measured 30 by 40 feet in size and took the team approximately 150 hours to create onsite and several weeks of coordination for the successful combination of the 3D chalk design and the AR effects.  Special thanks to our friends at Daqri for the AR assistance, making our concept work so well.

At top is a view of the completed art as seen through a wide angle lens, while at the left, Anthony Cappetto is positioned on the lower left ledge reaching for AR generated butterflies and a hummingbird inspired by chalk drawings made by Anthony alllowing the 3D chalk illusions to 'come alive', differing from any other 3D chalk art concepts in the marketplace today.  Art for After Hours pushes the envelope even further with our art and technology mix.  Feel free to contact us so we may develop these forward concepts with your projects soon. View our 4D emerging technologies page to learn more about this next step in Street Art.
4D Exhibition:  First Display of 3D Chalk Art and Augmented Reality (AR) in an International Exhibition 
by Art for After Hours (2011)
3D Exhibition/Lecture/Workshop: 3D Chalk Art Lecture, Workshops, Exhibition in Montevideo, Uruguay
US Embassy/Montevideo, US State Department
International 3D/AR chalk artist Anthony Cappetto was honored to participate in an Arts Program supported by the US Department of State and the US Embassy in Montevideo, Uruguay, for students and faculty of the Universidad de La Republica from September 3rd through September 7th, 2012.  Cappetto gave a lecture at the University on the 3D chalk art form as well as hands on workshops for the students and faculty in which they learned to design and create their own 3D chalk art pieces.  
Left photo: Students and faculty pose with Anthony Cappetto and his 3D chalk art demonstration artwork. 
Right photos: Examples of first 3D chalk art works from University students and faculty. (click to enlarge). 
3D Exhibition:  'High Wire' 3D Street Art Featuring a 'Test Walk' by Daredevil Nik Wallenda in Sarasota, FL 
(Above): Art for After Hours 3D wet chalk street painting for the Sarasota Chalk Festival in Sarasota, FL.  From back to front:  Wendy Stum, Shawn McCann, Anthony Cappetto (lead artist and designer).  The 15' x 30' work took 5 days to complete.  At right:  World renowned Daredevil tightrope walker Nik Wallenda 'testing' our chalk drawn tightrope as a publicity stunt at the Sarasota Chalk Festival on November 1st, 2012.
Art for After Hours street painting for the Artisphere International Arts Festival in Greenville, SC - 2012. Artist Anthony Cappetto poses with 'Guitar' street painting which took 2 days to complete for the public exhibition.  Size 10' x 14', chalk pastel on concrete. Original design by Daryl Thetford. 
'Reedy River', 3D chalk art piece by Anthony Cappetto at the Artisphere International Chalk Art Festival in 2013. Here Cappetto can be seen ready to take a walk 'down the stairs' to the river walk below.
Art for After Hours 3D street painting for a charity gala in Greenwich, CT. Artist Anthony Cappetto walking the 'Urban Tightrope', a 10' x 20' 3D street painting completed in two days.   Attendees lined up to walk the tightrope and take pictures during the gala..  
'Skullduggery' at Sarasota Chalk Festival, Sarasota, FL
Artisphere International Arts Festival, 
Greenville SC
Artisphere International Arts Festival, Greenville SC
3D Exhibition: Liberty Tree in Sarasota, FL  Designed for US Veterans' and their Families
Recalling the famous quotation by Thomas Jefferson,
From Time to Time, the Tree of Liberty must be refreshed with the Blood of Patriots and Tyrants",
Art for After Hours Founder, 3D Street Artist Anthony Cappetto designed the 'Liberty Tree' as an exhibition work in Sarasota, FL with the team of Wendy Stum  and Vero Gonzalez.

The artwork, measuring 15 feet across by 25 feet in length symbolized Jefferson's quote in our eyes and those of many Veterans and their families on exhibition day.

We had the Veterans and their families write the names of themselves, loved ones who served, and those who gave the ultimate sacrifice for their country.  Every US war in modern times was represented from Afghanistan to World War I.

The exhibition was a continual stream of respect, emotion, remembrance, and honor.  Art for after Hours will never forget this piece.

-Anthony Cappetto

Anthony Cappetto, designer and lead artist along with team members Wendy Stum (touching tree) and Vero Gonzales.
Veterans and their families writing names of loved ones on the Art for After Hours Liberty Tree 3D street art piece throughout the day.
Wendy Stum (left) and Anthony Cappetto (right) posing atop the Art for After Hours Liberty Tree in a final pose with the names of many US Veterans who served in every US War in Modern Times dating back to World War I.
3D Immersive: United Arab Emirates - #DubaiCanvas Festival/Dubai Media Office
Art for After Hours Founder Anthony Cappetto was invited to participate at the inaugural festival in Dubai, UAE.  The project called for design and creation of two separate 3D street art installations- Clockwise, 'Supercars' integrated vertical floor panel 3D illusion, 'Magic Carpet Ride' floor panel 3D illusion. Lead supercar, a Zenro ST1 followed by a Bugatti, Lamborghini, Rolls Royce, and Pantera.  Artworks were designed to be friendly, fun, with a nod to the old and new of Dubai.  Posing:  Anthony Cappetto and Marketing Director Wendy Stum
Ride the 'Magic Carpet' with us!
Ride the 'Magic Carpet' with us!
Ride the 'Magic Carpet' with us!
Ride the 'Magic Carpet' with us!
Ride the 'Magic Carpet' with us!

Access to Featured Artist Talent in US and Internationally

Art for After Hours enjoys access to many of the top street painting and chalk art talents seen throughout the internet in the USA and internationally.  As we have been an active part of the street painting/chalk art industry for over a decade we have developed relationships with these artists around the world and domestically for bringing talent teams together for festivals with traditional and contemporary themes.

Our team consists of:

   •   Professional street painters with international reputations as featured artists who are experienced with the role of being             anchor talents to a new event.  We have access to top creative talent across the USA and in key geographic locations in                 Europe and North America and only select those who we are confident in their performance, execution, and professionalism         with our corporate and exhibition clients.  Please note that our full team is not listed onsite.

   •   Project Management and Coordination by Anthony Cappetto on each and every project.

If you are seeking consulting services with the purpose of turning the concept of street painting in your community from a concept to a reality; Art for After Hours will be pleased to explore the possibilities with you.  Please send all inquiries to Anthony Cappetto for a prompt response or contact us at our New York Office.

Below are examples of Art for After Hours 3D chalk/street art exhibition projects across the USA and internationally.
'Junebug' Arts Festival, Metuchen, NJ
Wendy Stum, our Marketing Director flying atop the 'Junebug' at this celebration of the Arts in Metuchen, NJ
Anthony Cappetto 'hanging on' the 'Junebug' at this celebration of the Arts in Metuchen, NJ.  this artwork was painted measuring 10' x 20' in size.
Techfest at IIT Bombay, Mumbai, India
4D Exhibition
Elmira Street Painting Festival, Elmira, NY
Wilhelmshaven Street Art Festival
Wilhelmhaven, Germany
Tempozan Arts Festival, Osaka, Japan
Anthony Cappetto's take on Rubik's Cube as a 3D chalk art exhibition piece.  Solving the 'The Cube'- Still working on that...
Anthony Cappetto's 'That's Not a Daisy...' A 3D Venus Fly Trap, and testimonial to watch what you're planting in Springtime...
3D Exhibition and Government Projects by Art for After Hours
'Spaghetti', 3D chalk art piece by Anthony Cappetto at the inaugural Little Italy Madonnari Arts Festival in Baltimore, MD in Fall 2015.  Sponsored by the local Italian Restaurant Association.
'The Movement of Change', Featured Artist Anthony Cappetto with Wendy Stum

Conceptual 3D piece done live onsite. Order/disorder, old/new, static/dynamic traditional to modern using architectural elements from the bridge to rest upon traverse concrete beams connected by aluminum blades to imply depth, clad with translucent exterior glass over a traditional landscape.
4D demo projects using augmented (AR) and virtual reality (VR) from left to right:  Mark Conference at Rutgers University, New Brunswick NJ (AR, VR, breakout discussion with students,  Public Art in Venice, FL using AR,  Public Art exhibition in Greenville, SC using AR, VR.  Talk to Anthony Cappetto for how to bring some 4D into your upcoming projects!
4D street/chalk art projects:  The next step in street painting...

ART for AFTER HOURS 4D: Virtual/Augmented/Mixed Reality with 
Immersive 4D 3D Chalk Art/Emerging Technologies|Murals|Events 
Pictured:  Art for After Hours 4D/AR Public Street Art Installation in Venice, Florida (November 2016)