Chalk art, also called pavement or sidewalk art, is an art form in which artists draw with chalk pastels on pavement or the street.  Art for After Hours enjoys an established reputation for providing the services of professional Madonnari (street painting artists) for indoor and outdoor street painting projects for corporate and tradeshow clientele and public festivals worldwide. Our company specializes in providing three dimensional (anamorphic and illusionary) projects intended as a performance, interacting between artist and the viewers of the client’s public or private event using the latest in emerging technology such as 4D augmented reality and figurative animation.  Two dimensional original designs or reproductions of pristine quality are also available from highly talented Madonnari (street painters), and we are pleased to develop projects with our clients involving one, two, or many artists as desired in one or several locations in the USA or internationally.  Our 3D 4D (AR) (VR) street art installations can be done live or in our studio for delivery to your project site(s) and location(s).

Our 3D 4D (AR) (VR) chalk art work is that of performance, of blending, and of sharing, whether at the global, national, regional, or local level.  Our clients being those who not only want the production of chalk art  but of its very blending into the latest and more persuasive modes of physical sensation and emotional engagement with their users, viewers, and social environments.

We work closely with the client incorporating their desired company image with the artist's creative design abilities.  Our artists can design original artwork or reproduce classic art pieces. 
Although street painting is traditionally done outside on an asphalt or concrete surface, we can replicate the outdoor appearance indoors.
  All copyrights and images, including photos and video, belong to our respective artists and/or Art For After Hours and may not be used  in any manner without written permission by Art for After Hours, 2001-2017.  All rights reserved.
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Selected Art for After Hours 3D Projects
3D Indoor Chalk Art:  USA Swim Team Trials, Omaha NE for USA Swimming

Anthony Cappetto  with assistance from Wendy Stum designed and created a 10' x 24' 3D chalk art piece focusing on a two lane competition pool flanked by deck boards featuring the corporate sponsors for the USA Swim Team Trials in Omaha, NE.  The project was completed in four days.   
Doritos - Mexico
Dow AgroSciences
FOX News Channel/FOX & Friends
GE Healthcare
Harrah's Casino & Resort
Médecins Sans Frontières/
Doctors Without Borders
Mobilink Pakistan 

Selected Corporate, NGO Clients:

Ad Council
Altadis, USA
American College of Nurse Midwives
Anheuser-Busch InBev
Big 5 Construction Tradeshow, Dubai -UAE
Bio Oil
Cardiovascular Research Foundation
CKE Restaurants
Coca-Cola Midwest Bottlers
Cooldown Juice
Deluxe Corporation
#DubaiCanvas - UAE 

SEI Investments
Sony Entertainment
Stones River Mall
Target Corporation
Tesla Science Foundation 
USA Swimming
Vision Apartments - Geneva

'Homage to Luis Barragan' This 3D chalk art piece designed for Doritos in Mexico City by Anthony Cappetto blends the natural environment in the form of an oasis while celbrating the Modernist Architecture of Luis Barragan.  The building highlighted is from Satellite Towers (1957).  This artwork measured 20 by 25 feet in size and was created in less than two days time.
Anthony Cappetto's 3D illusionary anamorphic design for 'Life Flow' a 3D installation of the flow of red corpuscles within a human artery.  The first 3D anamprphic illusion of this kind, the art measured 15 feet high by 20 feet long with a ground panel extending 10 feet from the vertical panel.  Coordination with client, clients advertising agency, and production company to realize this larger project in a tight time frame  Paint on canvas.
Corporate promotion for Snapple at the Readington Balloon Festival in Readington NJ by Anthony Cappetto.  This 3D pavement artwork - 10' x 22' in size was completed in 2-1/2 days, rebuilt on last day from rain on rough pavement to the excitement of thousands of viewers throughout the event.
Corporate and Special Projects using 3D Immersive Environments -
Consider our 4D components in Virtual, Augmented, and Mixed Reality
Consider 3D immersive environments by Art for After Hours that can be designed and delivered live on site or from our studio space in New York City.  A perfect integration for our custom 4D Augmented Reality Applications and Virtual Reality designed by Anthony Cappetto, an Early Adopter of Augmented and Virtual Reality and Art for After Hours technology team.

Case Studies:
3D Immersive: 'Supercars' - Dubai UAE
Anthony Cappetto's 3D immersive environment presenting the 3D art work as an active street, allowing viewer participation within the art and not merely standing behind or at the side of the work.  This work was done live onsite at the #DubaiCanvas in Dubai, UAE and partially in studio. Team of Wendy Stum, Marketing Director and Anthony Cappetto AfAH Founder and designing artist.
3D Illusionary Mural Art: Luxury Property - Geneva, Switzerland
Anthony Cappetto's 3D illusionary mural art for a luxury property in Geneva, Switzerland.  This 3D art measured 22 feet high from bottom of interior stair to underside of rafter.  Details of tree trunk and scenery depicting a tree popping out of several openings in the wall plane with trunk roots spilling out onto the physical stairs contributing to an illusionary effect when anamorphic design doesn't fit in a given space.
3D Immersive: Big 5 Construction Tradeshow - Dubai UAE 
Anthony Cappetto's 3D immersive environment presenting the 3D art work a worksite in two stages in a tradeshow booth for a foundation design company.  The interior and exterior designs connected at the painted yellow plank for two asymmetrical spaces designed with booth designers layouts for accuracy prior to field install in Dubai.  Artwork designed and painted in Art for After Hours studio and shipped to Dubai client location.
Art for After Hours hand drawn and designed 3D street painting, chalk art is still available and for the clients who prefer a budget friendly, engaging traffic solution for their viewers and attendees at their events, launches, and tradeshows.

Our pricing comes from a combination of project size, complexity, and scheduling to complete. Contact us above to schedule your 3D art today...
3D Outdoor Chalk Art:  Snapple Promotions in Readington, NJ

3D Outdoor Chalk Art:  Doritos Mexico, Mexico City, Mexico

Video: Super Tuesday Chalk Map for FOX & Friends - New York, NY
Super Tuesday segment featuring Art for After Hours Founder Anthony Cappetto with FOX & Friends morning anchors discussing Art for After Hours chalk map of the 2016 Republican Contest.  A great opportunity to bring chalk art to a live national audience and New York City.
"4D Street Art is the New 3D..."
4D Project Inquiries:
3D Mural: Médecins Sans Frontières/Doctors Without Borders - New York, London
Anthony Cappetto's 3D anamorphic design for the non governmental organization (NGO) in Times Square, NYC, Washington Square Park, and other locations as part of World Immunization Week.  Pictured: Anthony Cappetto
3D Interior Installation:  Cooldown Juice, Sunnyside, NY
Anthony Cappetto's 3D interior installation for Cooldown Juice, in the Sunnyside neighborhood of New York City.  The design celebrated the 'Delhi Defender', one of the brand's most popular items.
3D Immersive: 'Life Flow' - San Francisco, CA
Anthony Cappetto's 3D anamorphic design for the non governmental organization (NGO) in Times Square, NYC, Washington Square Park, and other locations as part of World Immunization Week.  Pictured, a team member from MSF with the 3D art.
3D Mural: 'Tesla Coil' for Tesla Science Foundation, Rahway NJ
Anthony Cappetto's 3D anamorphic design for Tesla Science Foundation as part of a celebration of the famed electrical technology pioneer Nikola Tesla.  3D art within a platform placing the electric vehicle 'atop' the 3D design underneath when viewed through the camera.
Multi City Engagements by Art for After Hours
Asked to bring street painting/chalk art in an illusionary fashion in short engagements for Anheuser-Busch InBev in their 'BUD and Burgers' campaign across the Eastern United States during August 2016.  Art for After Hours can bring the message using street painting/chalk art whether 2D, 3D, or 4D with single artist or artist teams nation wide and/or internationally with designs by Anthony Cappetto.
Washington DC BUD + Burger Battle at The Yards (next to Nationals Ballpark
Boston Magazine's Battle of the Burger, CruisePort Boston
New York City South Street Seaport; New York TimeOut Battle of the Burger
Philadelphia- Citizens Bank Park (Phillies Ballpark) Battle of the Burger. Batter Up!!
ART for AFTER HOURS 4D: Virtual/Augmented/Mixed Reality with 
Immersive 4D 3D Chalk Art/Emerging Technologies|Murals|Events 
Pictured:  Art for After Hours 4D/AR Public Street Art Installation in Venice, Florida (November 2016)
Examples of recent 4D projects using augmented and virtual reality as demo public/exhibition projects.  Corporate installations in 2017 are scalable in augmented reality, virtual reality, haptics, and virtual spaces allowing live and virtual interpretations of the art event at increasing levels of complexity, locations, and more.  For specific project discussions - contact Anthony Cappetto of Art for After Hours.