Art for After Hours founder Anthony Cappetto is pleased to provide lectures and workshops about the history, practice, and creation of street painting art.  Whether an introductory presentation, an intensive workshop, or an informative, entertaining experience for the enjoyment of all - Anthony Cappetto can make the difference in the appreciation and creation of street painting for your students, department, or corporate team.

  • University art students
  • Secondary School Art Students
  • Corporate Team Building Exercises

For further information for a uniquely tailored experience for your school, institution, or company, please feel free to contact Anthony Cappetto at

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International 3D/AR chalk artist Anthony Cappetto was honored to participate in an Arts Program supported by the US Department of State and the US Embassy in Montevideo, Uruguay, for students and faculty of the Universidad de La Republica from September 3rd through September 7th, 2012.  Cappetto gave a lecture at the University on the 3D chalk art form as well as hands on workshops for the students and faculty in which they learned to design and create their own 3D chalk art pieces.  
Left photo: Students and faculty pose with Anthony Cappetto and his 3D chalk art demonstration artwork. 
Right photos: Examples of first 3D chalk art works from University students and faculty. (click to enlarge). 
ART for AFTER HOURS: Street Painting Workshops for Schools/Groups
Case Studies:

(2014):  Street painting workshops & mentored art pieces - Artisphere International Arts Festival with scholarship art students from Furman University creating 2D reproductions of Artisphere event posters from 2008 through 2013 for 10th Anniversary Festival celebration.

Client:  Artisphere International Arts Festival
Case Studies:

(2013):  Informal talks, demonstration of 3D street art as part of activities for Doritos 'For the Bold' campaign in Mexico City, Mexico. 

Client:  Doritos Mexico
Case Studies:

(2012):  Lecture/faculty student workshops leading to 3D street painting exhibition with faculty and students from Universidad de La Republicca, Montevideo, Uruguay

Client: US State Department, US Embassy in Montevideo, Uruguay
About Anthony Cappetto:

An internationally recognized street painting artist working in 3D 4D illusions using chalk, wet media, and emerging technologies such as augmented reality, virtual spaces, and new concepts as they arise.  Cappetto has designed and created his art for projects in the USA, Mexico, Uruguay, UAE, India, Japan, and other locations worldwide since 2001.
Selected Works by Anthony Cappetto:

Clockwise from left: 'Guitar', originally designed by Daryl Thetford,  'Visions of Cambodia' first 3D chalk art with use of augmented reality (AR) illusion,  Anthony Cappetto posing immersively in 'Visions of Cambodia' with AR illusions of hummingbird and butterflies,  'Reedy River', inspired by art of Amos Amit.