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Internationally Recognized 3D 4D Chalk/Emerging Technologies Artist: Anthony Cappetto
Artist Statement

Founder of Art for After Hours, internationally recognized 3D 4D chalk/emerging technologies artist Anthony Cappetto has been street painting since 2001 and feels street painting is a way to share his art with many people and bring enjoyment to all with his interactive, experiential blended use of 3D 4D illusionary art and emerging technologies.

Since 2007, Anthony has been and is committed to not only street painting (chalk) art as a performance, but the blending of the 400 year old art form with new technologies such as 4D, augmented reality (AR), mixed reality (MR), and social media as one to transform from a singular experience of seeing chalk art alone to a combined experiential event and emotional experience.  

An international 3D 4D (AR) Chalk/Emerging Technologies artist, Anthony has been fortunate to be able to travel and share his art with fans throughout the USA, Europe, the Middle East, Asia, and South America. Anthony looks forward to sharing his unique view of 3D 4D chalk art and emerging technologies with the world.
Selected Artist Highlights include:

  • LIVE 4D Public Art Installation using reverse anamorphic perspective, augmented reality - Chalk Festival Venice 2016
  • 4D Immersive Street Art Installation using chalk, augmented, and virtual reality - Artisphere 2016
  • 4D Street Art Installation and Lecture at Mark Conference/Rutgers University -2016
  • Invited author on 4D Emerging Technologies with 3D anamorphic installations at InfinityLeap technology blog - 2016
  • Featured appearance on FOX & Friends for Super Tuesday Chalk Art Map - 2016 
  • Invited 3D street artist to inaugural #DubaiCanvas in UAE -2015
  • Created first immersive 3D anamorphic artwork within a human artery concept for the Cardiovascular Research Foundation, San Francisco, CA 2013
  • Invited 3D chalk artist for the 'For the Bold' chalk art campaign for Doritos in Mexico City, Mexico - 2013
  • Arts Program (street painter and guest lecturer) for US Dept. of State & US Embassy/Montevideo at Universidad de La Republica; Montevideo, Uruguay - 2012
  • 3D Chalk art piece for the USA Swim Team Trials, Omaha, NE for USA Swimming - 2012
  • 3D/AR exhibition blended street painting at IIT Bombay - Mumbai, India - 2012
  • Invited 3D Exhibition street painter at the Sarasota International Chalk Festival, Sarasota, FL - 2010 to present
  • 4D Lead Artist and Designer for 'Visions of Cambodia', the first 3D street painting created with elements of 4D -animated augmented reality (AR) at the Sarasota International Chalk Festival, Sarasota, FL - 2011
  • Street Paintings created as part of four short films for the Ad Council at the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel, New York City -2011
  • Special Guest exhibition 3D street painter at Tempozan World Performance Festival in Osaka, Japan - 2010
  • Exhibition participant in Sistine Chapel Ceiling Street Painting - Festival Bella Via - Monterrey, Mexico - 2007
          Figurative - 'David and Goliath' and 'Zachariah' areas
  • Exhibition participant in Sistine Chapel Ceiling Street Painting Architectural Team - Youth in Arts Italian Street Painting Festival - San Rafael, CA - 2003
  • Invited/featured street painting artist at major festivals in the U.S., Mexico, Asia, and abroad since 2001
International 3D 4D (AR) Chalk artist Anthony Cappetto led an Art for After Hours team (Shawn McCann, Wendy Stum) in the first public exhibition of 3D  chalk art and 4D augmented reality (AR) blended together anywhere in the world at the Sarasota Chalk Festival in Sarasota, FL.  The 3D 4D (AR) chalk artwork, 'Visions of Cambodia' measured 30 by 40 feet in size and took the team approximately 150 hours to create onsite and several weeks of coordination for the successful combination of the 3D chalk design and the AR effects.  Special thanks to our friends at Daqri for the AR assistance, making our concept work so well.This is a view of the completed art as seen through a wide angle lens.
Anthony Cappetto is positioned on the lower left ledge reaching for 4D AR generated butterflies and a hummingbird inspired by chalk drawings made by Anthony allowing the 3D chalk illusions to 'come alive', viewable through a tablet.  From 'Visions of Cambodia'.
3D  international 3D/AR chalk artist Anthony Cappetto with a group of IIT Bombay students 'chasing' the IIT Bombay Mascot over Cappetto's 'Cityscape', the first 3D chalk art with animated augmented reality (AR) ever done in India and the second such project undertaken anywhere. During the event, a stream of students surrounded our AR station to see the animated effects live and virtually nonstop for the three days of the festival. Above Right: Anthony Cappetto with his completed 3D street painting 'Cityscape', which took approximately 30 hours to complete. 
Anthony Cappetto with his completed 'Guitar' street painting at the 2012 Artisphere International Arts Festival in Greenville, SC.  The artwork took two days to complete.  At right:  Detail from the 'Guitar' street painting by Anthony Cappetto.  Original art by Daryl Thetford.  Note this is a 2D reproduction.
Anthony Cappetto  with assistance from Wendy Stum designed and created a 10' x 24' 3D chalk art piece focusing on a two lane competition pool flanked by deck boards featuring the corporate sponsors for the USA Swim Team Trials in Omaha, NE.  The project was completed in four days.   
Government:  3D Chalk Art Demonstration, Lecture, and Workshops in Montevideo, Uruguay 
International 3D 4D (AR) chalk artist Anthony Cappetto was honored to participate in an Arts Program supported by the US Department of State and the US Embassy in Montevideo, Uruguay, for students and faculty of the Universidad de La Republica from September 3rd through September 7th, 2012.  Cappetto gave a lecture at the University on the 3D chalk art form as well as hands on workshops for the students and faculty in which they learned to design and create their own 3D chalk art pieces.  
Left photo: Students and faculty pose with Anthony Cappetto and his 3D chalk art demonstration artwork. 
Right photo: Anthony Cappetto with his 3D chalk art, size 12' x 17', created in two days time. 
Imagine your projects mingling the traditional 400 year old art form of chalk/painted mural art, animated characters in an interactive, virtual environment via 4D augmented reality... Vertical panels, multiple characters, dramatic 3D chalk art scenery and more from internationally recognized 3D chalk artist Anthony Cappetto.  

'Hangin' On!' - LIVE 4D Installation from Chalk Festival in Venice, Florida using AR over live interactive illusionary art.  Over 2,000 attendees lined up to hang on (playfully), dodge giant AR butterflies seen through a live monitor display while others take video clips for video social media!
'Reedy River', 3D chalk art piece by Anthony Cappetto at the Artisphere International Chalk Art Festival in 2013. Cappetto's design reflects the anamorphic illusion in 3D chalk art, inspired by the work of international artist Amos Amit.  The piece took three days to complete and measured 10' x 14' in size.
Anthony Cappetto is founder of Art for After Hours, the first professional street painting company from 2001 and an early adopter of emerging technologies in his 3D works during the 2000’s.  Known for his innovation, conceptuality, and versatility in his art and art project management, Cappetto finds the point in which he brings the clients vision and message to viewers public, private, from projects in the UAE, India, Uruguay, Switzerland, Japan, Mexico, Germany, Italy, Hungary, France, Pakistan, Hong Kong, and across the USA. 

Cappetto is principal designer of all 3D/4D chalk/street/mural art and uses assistants only for larger projects and multiple locations all under his direction and supervision.

As an early adopter of 4D emerging technologies, Cappetto has been involved in ‘builds’ of virtual spaces in the 2000s, participated in virtual ‘in world’ seminars as an avatar at symposia, meetings, and conferences on multiple platforms learning more about the ideas of what is known as hybrid (virtual/physical) interactivity this combining 3D hand drawn art with emerging technologies such as wearables, and augmented reality.
4D Public Street Art Installation using Augmented Reality by Anthony Cappetto/Art for After Hours in Venice, Florida using augmented reality (AR), reverse perspective murals
3D Immersive:  Dubai Canvas Festival in Dubai, UAE
Art for After Hours Founder Anthony Cappetto was invited to participate at the inaugural festival in Dubai, UAE.  The project called for design and creation of two separate 3D street art installations- Clockwise, 'Supercars' integrated vertical floor panel 3D illusion, 'Magic Carpet Ride' , 'Supercars' completed piece without posing, Detail of lead supercar, a Zenro ST1 followed by a Bugatti, Lamborghini, Rolls Royce, and Pantera.  Artworks were designed to be friendly, fun, with a nod to the old and new of Dubai.  Posing:  Anthony Cappetto and Marketing Director Wendy Stum
4D Street Art Demonstration at IIT Bombay in Mumbai, India 
Anthony Cappetto's 3D illusionary anamorphic design for 'Life Flow' a 3D installation of the flow of red corpuscles within a human artery.  The first 3D anamorphic illusion of this kind, the art measured 15 feet high by 20 feet long aith a ground panel extending 10 feet from the vertical panel.  Paint on canvas.
3D Immersive: 'Life Flow' Installation Medical Convention in San Francisco, CA
4D and 3D Street Art Immersive Installations by Anthony Cappetto
Traditional 3D chalk art projects by Anthony Cappetto
Selected 3D chalk art works designed to entertain, completable in different time ranges for corporate, exhibition, and chalk art components for festivals and events in the USA and internationally.
4D Installation - 'Visions of Cambodia'; Augmented Reality with Dry Chalk
Selected Press for Anthony Cappetto 4D and 3D work
4D Project Inquiries:
4D Immersive Environment: 'Asian Fusion' Augmented Reality (AR) Demo, Live Screenshots

'Asian Fusion' - 4D Immersive Environment using our traditional 3D chalk illusion together with augmented and virtual reality as one integrated concept. Screenshots live onsite of AR model of a Chinese bowl (before final positions in chalk art) positioned within the physical chalk art, AR with human, chalk interaction as viewed through VR goggles. Pictured; Art for After Hours Marketing Director Wendy Stum.
4D Immersive Environment: 'Asian Fusion' Virtual Reality 360 Degree Demo 

'Asian Fusion' - Our latest 4D Immersive Environment VR walkthrough of the piece in a purposely oversized, playful, conceptual take that our viewers were able to walk on plates of dumplings, view dramatic landscapes, and see the chalk drawn art of Anthony Cappetto on the deconstructed bowl as planes in the VR walkthrough...  Working closely with our NYC based technology team, Cappetto can blend physical and virtual art together in a hybrid way no others are doing at this point in time.
Setting up live onsite making sure the tech is in place then going full screen! Art for After Hours Marketing Director Wendy Stum looking on to interest from our viewers.

'Hangin' On!' - LIVE 4D Installation from Chalk Festival in Venice, Florida using AR over live interactive illusionary art.  Over 2,000 attendees lined up to hang on (playfully), dodge giant AR butterflies seen through a live monitor display while others take video clips for video social media!
ART for AFTER HOURS 4D: Virtual/Augmented/Mixed Reality with 
Immersive 4D 3D Chalk Art/Emerging Technologies|Murals|Events 
Pictured:  Art for After Hours 4D/AR Public Street Art Installation in Venice, Florida (November 2016)