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Art for After Hours is a professional Immersive 4D 3D chalk art consulting company founded by internationally recognized 3D 4D Chalk Artist Anthony Cappetto in 2001 that brings professional street painting artists under his direction and clients together to create and develop premium projects for our clients.   Our 4D 3D street art installations can be done live or in our studio for delivery to your project site(s) and location(s).

Performance – Creating the traditional interaction between the artist and of the viewer as the chalk art (madonnari street painting art) has done for over 400 years.  Traditional street painting, also called pavement, sidewalk, or chalk art, is an art form in which artists draw with chalk pastels on the street, pavement or sidewalk and the finished images resemble paintings with their composition and detail. 

Blending – The enhancement of the street painting experience using our 3D 4D chalk art through emerging technologies of Augmented Reality (AR), Figurative Animation, Mixed Reality (MR), and Social Media as an integral part of your experiential event.

Sharing – Bringing the blended 3D 4D chalk experience to a users/participants through multiple portals, whether product/brand launches,  initiatives, public/private festivals and events, indoors, outdoors, or both simultaneously.

Wendy Stum, Marketing Director 
30-95 29th Street, #1B  Astoria, NY  11102
Tel/Fax: 718-777-5850

Anthony Cappetto, President
3D 4D (AR) Chalk Artist  
30-95 29th Street, #1B  Astoria, NY  11102
Tel/Fax: 718-777-5850

  All copyrights and images, including photos and video, belong to our respective artists and/or Art For After Hours and may not be used  in any manner without written permission by Art for After Hours, 2001-2017.  All rights reserved.
About Innovative Street Painting Group, Blogs
Art for After Hours shares videos, podcasts, and posts from, social networking for street painting artists & street painting art fans on the popular blog 'Blog Now on ' the first blog of its kind as well as our fan page on Facebook. is a niche video channel for streetpainting artists and the fans who attend or would like to attend the public and private street painting festivals and events in their areas.  The blog 'Blog Now on ' is a weblog which brings street painters and festivals to its many readers in a journalistic manner through articles, interviews, photos and video.  Anthony Cappetto is an author on 4D emerging technologies/street art on Infinity Leap, a technology blog.

Anthony Cappetto and Wendy Stum are officers, directors, and shareholders of Innovative Street Painting Group, Inc. is an assumed name of Innovative Street Painting Group, Inc.
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Company Backgrounder

Art for After Hours has been bringing the street painting experience to our corporate and not for profit clients in the USA and internationally since 2001 through the guidance, coordination and vision of Anthony Cappetto, an internationally known 3D 4D Emerging Technologies artist. Anthony has been active in street painting since 2001, as an artist participating in festivals in California, New York, Mexico, Italy, India, Japan, Uruguay, the United Arab Emirates (Dubai), and South America.  Wendy Stum, our marketing director and Anthony have been strong supporters of street painters and street painting festivals throughout the world for over a decade. 

Anthony Cappetto oversees all aspects of each and every project of Art for After Hours, including creative, administrative, emerging technologies vendor coordination, artist/artist team selection, and project development, based on over a decade of street painting art experience as an artist and a principal for corporate and non profit projects in the USA and internationally.

Combined innovation and experience is what Art for After Hours will bring to your projects - large or small.
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  • 4D Immersive Chalk Street Art (Involving Augmented Reality, Virtual Spaces, Virtual Reality, Wearables, Holography, Projection)​

  • ​3D Chalk Street Art

  • 3D Mural Installations

  • 3D Festival Consulting/3D Street/Chalk Art Components

  • 3D Chalk Art Educational Workshops/Mentoring for Schools,Institutions, Corporate Team Building

  • Other

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ART for AFTER HOURS 4D: Virtual/Augmented/Mixed Reality with 
Immersive 4D 3D Chalk Art/Emerging Technologies|Murals|Events 
Pictured:  Art for After Hours 4D/AR Public Street Art Installation in Venice, Florida (November 2016)