International 3D/AR Chalk artist Anthony Cappetto led an Art for After Hours team (Shawn McCann, Wendy Stum) in the first public exhibition of 3D 4D  chalk art and augmented reality (AR) blended together anywhere in the world at the Sarasota Chalk Festival in Sarasota, FL.  The 3D 4D/AR chalk artwork, 'Visions of Cambodia' measured 30 by 40 feet in size and took the team approximately 150 hours to create onsite and several weeks of coordination for the successful combination of the 3D chalk design and the 4D (AR) effects.  Special thanks to our friends at Daqri for the 4D (AR) assistance, making our concept work so well.
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Live Corporate Event & Exhibition 3D 4D (AR) Chalk Art Applications

Event Marketing
Product Launches/Rebranding
Advertising for Print/TV/Online
Sports Marketing
Public & Private Exhibitions
Tradeshows & Conferences
TV Commercials
Video Social Media

Emerging Technologies

Interactive Animation Design
Figurative Animation
Augmented Reality (AR) Events
App Development and Consulting
Virtual Space Development
'Blended Reality' for live/virtual events and trade shows

Large Format Graphics with our 3D 4D (AR) Chalk Art

Building Wraps/Scapes
Transit Advertising
Out of Home (OOH)

Illusionary Backdrops/Installations with our 3D 4D (AR) Chalk Art
Pop Ups
Chalk Art Talks, Workshops, and Demonstrations for Schools (USA)
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Art for After Hours 3D street painting for SEI Investments conference in Scottsdale, AZ. Artist Shawn McCann poses atop the stairs. Size 10' x 16', 2 days to complete. 
Immersive 3D 4D Chalk Art/Emerging Technologies
First Display of 3D 4D Chalk Art and Augmented Reality (AR) in an International Exhibition by Art for After Hours (2011)
International 3D/AR chalk artist Anthony Cappetto with a group of IIT Bombay students 'chasing' the IIT Bombay Mascot over Cappetto's 'Cityscape', the first 3D 4D chalk art with animated augmented reality (AR) ever done in India and the second such project undertaken anywhere. During the event, thousands of students surrounded our AR station to see the animated effects live and virtually nonstop for the three days of the festival.
Blended 3D 4D Chalk/ Animated AR Project - Florida, USA
Anthony Cappetto with his completed 3D street painting 'Cityscape', which took approximately 30 hours to complete, for Techfest 2012 event in Mumbai, India.
Art for After Hours 3D street painting for a charity gala in Greenwich, CT. Artist Anthony Cappetto walking the 'Urban Tightrope', a 10' x 20' 3D street painting completed in two days.   Attendees lined up to walk the tightrope and take pictures during the gala.. 
USA Swim Team Trials, Omaha NE
Selected Project Listing:

Ad Council
Altadis, USA
American College of Nurse Midwives
Artisphere International Arts Festival
Arts>World Financial Center
Barefoot in the Park
Bio Oil
Capital A' Fair
CKE Restaurants
Coca-Cola Midwest Bottlers
Deluxe Corporation
Dow AgroSciences
Dubai Shopping Festival; UAE
Epoch Films

Selected Art for After Hours Projects
Art for After Hours 3D street painting for the USA Swim Team Trials in Omaha, NE. Artist.Anthony Cappetto  with assistance from Wendy Stum, designed and created a 10' x 24' 3D chalk art piece focusing on a two lane competition pool flanked by deck boards featuring the corporate sponsors for the USA Swim Team Trials.  The project was completed in four days.  
3D Chalk Art Demonstration, Lecture, and Workshops in Montevideo, Uruguay
International 3D 4D (AR) chalk artist Anthony Cappetto was honored to participate in an Arts Program supported by the US Department of State and the US Embassy in Montevideo, Uruguay, for students and faculty of the Universidad de La Republica from September 3rd through September 7th, 2012.  Cappetto gave a lecture at the University on the 3D chalk art form as well as hands on workshops for the students and faculty in which they learned to design and create their own 3D chalk art pieces. 
Left photo: Students and faculty pose with Anthony Cappetto and his 3D chalk art demonstration artwork.
Right photo: Anthony Cappetto with his 3D chalk art, size 12' x 17', created in two days time.
SEI Investments - Scottsdale, AZ
The Family Centers - Greenwich, CT
Family Centers
Flint Hills Int'l Children's Festival
GE Healthcare
Harrah's Casino & Resort
Hollywood + Highland
IIT Bombay; Mumbai, India
ITT Roorkee; India
Mobilink Pakistan
Peabody Essex Museum

Saint Louis Art Fair
Salisbury Beach Sand and Sea Festival
Sarasota Chalk Festival
SEI Investments
Sony Entertainment
Stones River Mall
SUNY Oswego
Target Corporation
Tempozan World Performance Festival, Japan
USA Swimming
US Department of State
US Embassy in Montevideo, Uruguay
Weisman Art Museum
At top is a view of the completed art as seen through a wide angle lens, while at the left, Anthony Cappetto is positioned on the lower left ledge reaching for AR generated butterflies and a hummingbird inspired by chalk drawings made by Anthony alllowing the 3D chalk illusions to 'come alive', differing from any other 3D chalk art concepts in the marketplace today.  Art for After Hours looks forward to pushing the envelope even further with our art and technology mix. 4D being the concept of experincing augmented reality effects in a 3D world through tablets and devices in real time.   Feel free to contact us so we may develop these forward concepts with your projects soon.
Blended 3D Chalk/ Animated AR Project - Mumbai, India (2012)
Art for After Hours 3D street painting for MeccaFest in Carrollton, GA. (2012) Artist Shawn McCann reaching into the world below.  This project was completed in 2 days.
Art for After Hours 3D street painting for Friends and Family Day at SUNY Oswego, Oswego, NY. Artist Anthony Cappetto reaching to grasp the moon in this haunting piece.  This project was completed in 2 days.
Art for After Hours is the first chalk art company to provide 3D 4D chalk art for corporate, exhibitions, festivals, and not for profit clients in the USA and internationally. We are also the first and currently only chalk art company mingling and blending emerging technologies such as animation, 4D, augmented reality, and virtual spaces for our interactive/conceptual projects worldwide using our dedicated teams of animators, augmented reality, and chalk art teams overseen by Anthony Cappetto of Art for After Hours.

Founded in 2001 by international 3D 4D chalk artist Anthony Cappetto, Anthony and his artist teams can work in wet or dry chalk media and have completed successful, interactive projects for corporate and exhibition clients in the USA, Mexico, Europe, the Middle East, Asia, and South America.  Our 3D 4D street art installations can be done live or in our studio for delivery to your project site(s) and location(s).

Art for After Hours is your source for street painting/chalk art consulting for festivals and featured artist procurement from our access to many of the world's top featured artists for festivals tailored for your unique festival needs. 

Please fill out our Client Information Form to find out how we can work together to bring exciting and fun, interactive 3D chalk art to your event or festival!
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'Reedy River', 3D chalk art piece by Anthony Cappetto at the Artisphere International Chalk Art Festival in 2013. Cappetto's design reflects the anamorphic illusion in 3D chalk art, inspired by the work of international artist Amos Amit.  The piece took three days to complete and measured 10' x 14' in size.
Art for After Hours at Artisphere International Arts Festival 2013. Artist Shawn McCann reproduced the promotional image 'Night and Day' for this event as created by international artist Amos Amit.  This project was completed in three days.
3D Chalk Art Piece by Anthony Cappetto as the anchor artist at the Sand and Sea Festival at Salisbury Beach, MA, June 29-30.  This piece measured 10' x 20' in size and was completed in a day and a half with hundreds of enthralled attendees posing with the paddle on our chalk surfboard!
Sand & Sea Festival, Salisbury Beach, MA
'Homage to Luis Barragan' This 3D chalk art piece designed for Doritos in Mexico City by Anthony Cappetto blends the natural environment in the form of an oasis while celbrating the Modernist Architecture of Luis Barragan.  The building highlighted is from Satellite Towers (1957).  This artwork measured 20 by 25 feet in size and was created in less than two days time.
'Summer High Wire', 3D chalk art piece by Anthony Cappetto at the Cross County Shopping Center in Yonkers, NY.   The piece took three days to complete and measured 14' x 14' in size.
3D chalk art piece for Snapple by Anthony Cappetto at the Readington Balloon Festival in Readington, NJ.   The piece took less than two days to complete and measured 10' x 20' in size.
Recent Art for After Hours projects
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Art for After Hours at Outside the Lines Art Gallery event ' The Great Draw' 2013. Artist Shawn McCann designed and street painted 'Botticello', a modern day twist on the work of the Rennaissance Artist Sandro Botticelli.
Art for After Hours at Outside the Lines Art Gallery event ' The Great Draw' 2013. Artist Shawn McCann designed and street painted the promotional image 'THINK Outside the Lines' for this event.
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Anthony Cappetto's 3D illusionary anamorphic design for 'Life Flow' a 3D installation of the flow of red corpuscles within a human artery.  The first 3D anamprphic illusion of this kind, the art measured 15 feet high by 20 feet long aith a ground panel extending 10 feet from the vertical panel.  Paint on canvas.
Anthony Cappetto's 'Jungle Oasis'  a 3D chalk piece for the Mecca Fest event in Carrollton, GA in October.
Anthony Cappetto - 'Life Flow' an immersive 3D street art installation for the Cardiovascular Research Foundation at the TCT at Moscone Center, San Francisco, CA
MeccaFest, Carrollton, GA
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