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Reach out to us with your projects in 4D Virtual/Augmented/Mixed Reality with 3D Artwork for the Immersive Experience:
ART for AFTER HOURS 4D: Virtual/Augmented/Mixed Reality with 
Immersive 4D 3D Chalk Art/Emerging Technologies|Murals|Events 
Selected Project Listing:
Family Centers 
Flint Hills Int'l Children's Festival
FOX News Channel/FOX & Friends
Furman University
GE Healthcare
Harrah's Casino & Resort
Hollywood + Highland
Italian Restaurant Association - Baltimore
IIT Bombay; Mumbai, India
ITT Roorkee; India 
Marietta Chalk Festival
Mark Conference-Rutgers University
Mobilink Pakistan
Médecins Sans Frontières/
Doctors Without Borders
Metuchen Street Painting Festival 
Northampton Community College
Peabody Essex Museum

Saint Louis Art Fair
Salisbury Beach Sand and Sea Festival
Sarasota Chalk Festival 
SEI Investments
Sony Entertainment
SL Green Realty Corp.
Stones River Mall
SUNY Oswego
Target Corporation 
Tempozan World Performance Festival, Japan
Total Foundation Systems - Dubai, UAE
USA Swimming
US Department of State
US Embassy in Montevideo, Uruguay
Vision Apartments - Switzerland
White Plains Business Improvement District
Weisman Art Museum
Wilhelmshaven Street Art Festival - Germany

Founded in 2001 by international 3D 4D chalk artist Anthony Cappetto, Anthony and his artist teams can work in wet or dry chalk media and have completed successful, interactive projects for corporate and exhibition clients in the USA, Mexico, Europe, the Middle East, Asia, and South America.  Our 3D 4D street art installations can be done live or in our studio for delivery to your project site(s) and location(s).

Art for After Hours is your source for street painting/chalk art consulting for festivals and featured artist procurement from our access to many of the world's top featured artists for festivals tailored for your unique festival needs. Schools, academic institutions, corporate team builders - Art for After Hours Founder Anthony Cappetto is pleased to provide lectures and workshops about the history, practice, and creation of street painting art. Whether an introductory presentation, an intensive workshop, or an informative, entertaining experience for the enjoyment of all – Anthony Cappetto can make the difference in the appreciation and creation of street painting for your students, department, or corporate team. Visit the 4D ARVR Chalk Art page for additional details.

Emerging technologies such as virtual, augmented, and mixed reality are becoming a part of 3D street art. As the first adopters of virtual spaces and augmented reality in 3D chalk and street art Anthony Cappetto's vision is always innovative and new. Talk to us at 4dstreetart@artforafterhours.com. Consider your initiative with our 3D art and 4D technology team with the entire 3D 4D capacity under one tent - ours. Full programs using AR, VR, murals, and the very latest in emerging technologies for corporate, exhibitions, multi-city, country deployments. Pricing upon request - Serious Inquiries Only.

The First Commercial Street Painting/Chalk Art Company Founded 2001 bringing 4D 360 Virtual, Augmented, Mixed Reality with 3D hand drawn designed artwork to you first and foremost - Who we are and what we do:
Anthony Cappetto's 3D illusionary anamorphic design for 'Life Flow' a 3D installation of the flow of red corpuscles within a human artery.  The first 3D anamorphic illusion of this kind, the art measured 15 feet high by 20 feet long aith a ground panel extending 10 feet from the vertical panel.  Paint on canvas.
Anne Arundel Community College
Ad Council
Altadis, USA
American College of Nurse Midwives
Artisphere International Arts Festival
Arts>World Financial Center
Barefoot in the Park
Bio Oil
Capital A' Fair
Cardiovascular Research FoundationCn
City of Lawrenceville, GA 
CKE Restaurants
Coca-Cola Midwest Bottlers
Cooldown Juice
Deluxe Corporation
Dow AgroSciences
Dubai Canvas Festival/Dubai Media Office; UAE
Dubai Shopping Festival; UAE
Elmira Street Painting Festival
Epoch Films

Dubai, UAE:  Total Foundation Systems at the Big 5 Construction Show
A interconnecting two panel 3D design for an interconnecting booth installation requiring the art to fit into the spaces rather than the spaces accomodating the art.  Artwork was designed and created in Art for After Hours studio space in New York City then shipped to clients location in Dubai for a major tradeshow event.  Art for After Hours coordinated with client and booth install team to achieve project success.
Pictures clockwise from top left -  Marketing Director Wendy Stum with Anthony Cappetto posing in 3D street art with 'collapsing' scaffolding and interconnecting platform at artwork right;  Installed 3D street art at Big 5 Tradeshow in Dubai;  Anthony Cappetto atop 'broken platform over foundation pit;  Big 5 attendee watching where he's walking in finished interconnecting installation at the Big 5 in Dubai.
Dubai, UAE: Dubai Canvas Festival
Art for After Hours Founder Anthony Cappetto was invited to participate at the inaugural festival in Dubai, UAE.  The project called for design and creation of two separate 3D street art installations- Clockwise, 'Supercars' integrated vertical floor panel 3D illusion, 'Magic Carpet Ride' , 'Supercars' completed piece without posing, Detail of lead supercar, a Zenro ST1 followed by a Bugatti, Lamborghini, Rolls Royce, and Pantera.  Artworks were designed to be friendly, fun, with a nod to the old and new of Dubai.  Posing:  Anthony Cappetto and Marketing Director Wendy Stum
Art for After Hours Founder (right) Anthony Cappetto taking a hearty 3D forkful of spaghetti and meatballs as the 3D exhibition artist for an inaugural street painting festival in Baltimore, MD.  Sponsored by the local Italian Restaurant Association.
Venice, FL:  'Home Sweet Home' 3D Immersive Installation

A whimsical, playful example of Immersive 3D Street Art in which a vertical and horizontal panel become one integrated illusion differing from flat 3D pavement art alone.  'Home Sweet Home' - a Holiday themed piece from 2015.  Seated on gumdrops - Wendy Stum and Anthony Cappetto from Art for After Hours.
Art for After Hours 3D Illusionary interior mural for a luxury property in Geneva Switzerland.  Art measured 22 feet high from base of interior stair to underside of rafter.  Left to right, Overall 3D illusionary mural, Detail of trunk interacting with physical stairs.
3D Illusionary Murals for Luxury Properties - Geneva, Switzerland

3D Street Art - 'Spaghetti' in Baltimore, MD
For the clients who are working with smaller budgets or wish a project of quicker durations, Art for After Hours will always be happy to help with 3D street art for not for profits, smaller events, and featured artists for festivals and events.

Take a look at some of our select projects throughout our site and reach out to us with how we can help you.
San Francisco, CA:  'Life Flow' - Medical/Science Installation at Moscone Center
4D Immersive Environments using Augmented, Virtual Reality with Our Art
4D emerging technologies can be seamlessly integrated into Art for After Hours 3D Immersive Environments with multiple combinations of vertical, ground panels designed fully with art, products, imagery for a total art experience in your corporate/branding/tradeshow messages all using traditionally hand drawn designed 3D anamorphic art by Anthony Cappetto and his art and technology team.

Again please take note that 4D is not the 3D panels alone.  4D is a terminology indicating the use of an emerging technology such as virtual, augmented, mixed, etc.  Imagine concepts and contact us at 4dstreetart@artforafterhours.com for next steps. 
Venice FL:  'A Sound of Thunder...' 3D Immersive Installation

Closing our homepage with an example of just plain conceptual - Based on the classic science fiction work by Ray Bradbury, we researched flora and fauna from the Cretaceous Era, designed a light bridge and funnel (at front) inscribed with is known now as the accepted theoretical equation for time travel energy displacement from Stephen Hawking as a show piece at this festival event. 
Art for After Hours is the first chalk art company providing 3D 4D chalk art for corporate, exhibitions, festivals, and not for profit clients in the USA and internationally. We are also the first chalk art company bringing immersive, 4D emerging technologies such as animation, augmented reality, mixed, and virtual reality for our interactive/conceptual projects worldwide using our dedicated teams of animators, augmented, virtual reality, and chalk art teams overseen by Anthony Cappetto of Art for After Hours, an Early Adopter of Emerging Technologies from 2007 and now author/blogger of all things 4D with 3D anamorphic street art at Infinity Leap tech blog.

4D Project Inquiries: 
My title

'Asian Fusion' - Our latest 4D Immersive Environment using our traditional 3D chalk illusion together with augmented and virtual reality as one integrated concept. A step ahead conceptually in the marketplace with the design and delivery of Art for After Hours Founder Anthony Cappetto.  Pictured: Team member Holland Winslow, Wendy Stum, Anthony Cappetto.
4D Immersive Environment: 'Asian Fusion' using 
Augmented, Virtual 360 Degree Reality, and dry chalk
live in Greenville SC
4D Immersive Environment: 'Asian Fusion' Augmented Reality (AR) Demo, Live Screenshots

'Asian Fusion' - Our latest 4D Immersive Environment using our traditional 3D chalk illusion together with augmented and virtual reality as one integrated concept. Screenshots live onsite of AR model of a Chinese bowl (before final positions in chalk art) positioned within the physical chalk art, AR with human, chalk interaction as viewed through VR goggles. Pictured; Art for After Hours Marketing Director Wendy Stum.
4D Immersive Environment: 'Asian Fusion' Virtual Reality 360 Degree Demo 

'Asian Fusion' - Our latest 4D Immersive Environment VR walkthrough of the piece in a purposely oversized, playful, conceptual take that our viewers were able to walk on plates of dumplings, view dramatic landscapes, and see the chalk drawn art of Anthony Cappetto on the deconstructed bowl as planes in the VR walkthrough...  Working closely with our NYC based technology team, Cappetto can blend physical and virtual art together in a hybrid way no others are doing at this point in time.
Select International 3D Street Art Project by Anthony Cappetto and Art for After Hours